So why am I giving away my shortcuts for persuading today’s toughest prospects?

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— Trey Ryder, The Ryder Method™ of Education-Based Marketing

Let me share a quick story to explain …

It was the fall of 1853 and an American craftsman named Elisha Otis was standing atop an open elevator platform – about 3 stories off the ground.

A crowd had gathered and almost every eyeball was locked on Otis.

In one hand, he gripped an ax. Above him hung the rope that held the elevator midair.

For what probably seemed like minutes, Otis gazed at the crowd in silence.

Then in one quick motion, he slashed the rope and the audience screamed in horror …

At the time, Otis was trying to solve one of the era’s toughest engineering problems.

You see, elevators were widely used in buildings back then. However, the inner workings were rough and put riders in danger.

The thick cable that pulled the platform up and down often worked well. Yet when it occasionally snapped, nothing was left to hold the elevator – so it (and anything inside) would crash to the ground.

Otis, though, had developed a way around this defect.

He attached a special spring to the platform and put bars inside the elevator shaft. So if a cable snapped, the “brake” would automatically activate.

The only problem?

Otis faced a skeptical and fearful public.

His solution for proving the invention’s validity was what put him on stage that day in 1853.

Otis was at New York’s Crystal Palace as part of P.T. Barnum’s Traveling World’s Fair. He lured in the audience by promising a demonstration of his device – a way to saves lives and money …

And everything worked as planned.

Within a split second of Otis cutting the cable, the platform stopped and Otis walked off unharmed.  

“All safe, gentleman. All safe,” he said as the stunned crowd looked on.

I share this story because, as a business owner or entrepreneur today, you too face an incredibly skeptical and fearful public. They often don’t believe your claims and are afraid of getting burned.

This lack of trust requires you to go beyond just marketing your product or service. These days, you must prove and demonstrate your ability to achieve your prospects’ desired outcome.

I share tons of way to tackle this challenge in my book, Escape the Expected: The Secret Psychology of Selling to Today’s Skeptical Consumers, and I’d like you to have a copy. That way you’re armed with an arsenal of ideas for generating leads and persuading even today’s toughest prospects.

All I ask is you cover the $5.95 shipping and handling cost.

And in case you’re wondering what impact Otis’ stunt had on the elevator industry …

Notice what’s near the buttons inside the next elevator you ride – you just might see a name you recognize.

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