6 Sure Signs Your Website Needs Updating

Technology, visitor engagement and social media are all reshaping how consumers use websites. So last week, Andy Renk, my co-host on The Business Marketing Insider Podcast, and I recorded a new episode about where to focus your attention when refreshing your website — so you see the biggest impact. If you feel like you’re falling […]

The Surprising Sentence That Keeps Prospects Reading (and Buying)

You spend time and resources writing a marketing piece. So why not make sure as many prospects as possible read it? Let me explain. You already know the importance of headlines in marketing materials. They act as attention tools for grabbing your readers’ eyes and guiding them to your copy. And although essential to every […]

The Marketing Idea That Solved December’s Business Blues

From a business perspective, aren’t you glad December is over? After all, unless you’re in retail, December is typically a slow month. Right? The weeks surrounding Christmas and New Year’s Day complicate matters. Many entrepreneurs and executives take this time off to see family, which pushes their businesses to the back burner. This year, I […]

How to Turn Casual Connections Into Clients

‘Tis the season for implementing powerful growth strategies in 2014. So here’s one to add to your marketing arsenal today … I recently interviewed Ely Delaney, co-founder and lead trainer of YourMarketingUniversity.com about how to become a follow-up fanatic and turn your casual connections into clients. During our 46-minute interview, he shared a step-by-step follow-up […]

What Doubts Hold You Back From Success?

Since it’s Saturday, I’ll make this real quick … On Monday I was interviewed by Paul Blais (@pdblais), founder and host of the Doubt The Doubts Podcast, one of the top podcasts on iTunes. Paul’s show focuses on “killing the doubts that kill the dreams.” And, during our interview, we talked about — as you […]