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You know that feeling you get when you’re not generating the leads you want from your marketing?

Or the frustration of knowing you should be marketing more — but don’t know what to write or where to focus your efforts?

I fix these problems. (I’m also a three-time author and seminar speaker.)

Since October 2001, I’ve been writing marketing materials that give entrepreneurs and executives — in 120+ industries — an alternative to the typical corporate nonsense that makes most outreach efforts useless.

From website content and direct mail to special reports and email campaigns, I show you how simply changing your perspective on prospects can help position you as an industry authority, deliver higher returns on your marketing investments and allow you to reach larger audiences with less effort.

The fact is, your prospects are more informed now than at any time in history. Easy accessibility to information has shifted the power away from anyone pitching products or services.

To see success with your marketing these days, you must deliver extreme value to even have a chance at capturing interest and closing clients.

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