6 Sure Signs Your Website Needs Updating

Technology, visitor engagement and social media are all reshaping how consumers use websites.

So last week, Andy Renk, my co-host on The Business Marketing Insider Podcast, and I recorded a new episode about where to focus your attention when refreshing your website — so you see the biggest impact.

If you feel like you’re falling behind with what’s happening online, listen to the episode here:

BMI 052: Updating Your Website With a New Look and Fresh Content

Also, check out these six ways to know if it’s time to make adjustments to your website:

1. You need your designer just to make simple website updates.

With search engines so focused on high-quality, consistently updated content, you need to be able to make changes on your website. A content management system (CMS) makes this process easy. It also allows you to post new content when timing is critical.

2. You don’t have a clear sales/lead funnel.

A website is no longer just an online brochure that provides information about your company. It should prompt action from your visitors in a way that grows and maintains relationships. If your website isn’t part of this process, it’s probably not doing much good for you.

3. Your website looks outdated and isn’t mobile friendly.

How does your website visually stack up compared to others in your industry? If you envy what competitors are doing online, your prospects have probably taken notice too. Remember, your website is your modern-day storefront – it should portray an image that benefits your business.

4. Your bounce rate is high.

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors who leave your website after viewing only one page. If this number hovers around 70% or higher, your content may not deliver enough value to cause people to stick around. (Keep in mind, landing pages can sometimes skew your bounce rate — making it seem worse than it really is.)

5. Your company has made changes.

Whether you’ve added employees, moved locations or even adjusted your marketing approach, your website should reflect these changes. After all, you need a consistent message at every possible point where your prospects interact with your brand.

6. You haven’t made any updates in at least a year.

As mentioned earlier, search engines love new content (which is a good reason to include a blog on your website). Fresh content also shows visitors you’re active in your industry and care about delivering a useful experience. Plus, if you’ve neglected your website, what message does this send about how you handle other areas of your business?

During our latest podcast episode, Andy and I discuss …

•    A 6-step redesign checklist for making your website an effective marketing tool and a more reliable revenue source

•    The most common content mistakes that prevent websites from attracting a target audience and generating leads

•    2 tools to help you uncover what parts of your website aren’t meeting your visitors’ needs

•    How your daily conversations can help you create content that keeps people on your website longer, while also making your marketing messages more persuasive

Listen here: Updating Your Website With a New Look and Fresh Content

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