How a Sneaky Amazon Trick Can Get You Leads

Ever notice how Amazon seems to know exactly what you need?

You look at an item and then you instantly start seeing similar products suggested.

Sometimes it’s as if they know what you want before you do.

Well, let me share with you a simple way to steal this approach, so you pull more qualified leads from your website …

It’s a tactic I admittedly don’t use enough. In fact, I was just reminded of it while critiquing a bunch of marketing pieces after last week’s training.

In addition to going through a radio script, several landing pages, direct-mail letters and even a billboard, I reviewed content on a couple websites.

On one site, I was asked for suggestions on how to convert more website visitors into leads. One of my ideas involved what’s called a “content upgrade.”

Basically, all you do is offer a bonus piece of related information near the end of an educational article or post that visitors can download in exchange for an email address.

They key is, your “upgrade” should be information that’s extremely specific to the content your visitors just consumed.

Please note, you don’t just add an opt-in for a general guide or special report.

So, for example, with the website I mentioned earlier, one page discussed what to expect when going to a divorce court hearing.

A content upgrade might be a printable checklist to review with your attorney before walking into court. So you’d offer this at the end of the page in exchange for an email address.

That way, when someone requests the checklist, you now know the exact situation they’re in — and can communicate with messaging specific to their circumstances.

Make sense?

The content upgrade is 100% specific to whatever topic is covered on the page.

That’s why it coverts well.

If you use this tactic on your most highly trafficked website page, you should pull in leads pretty quick.

Now, this assumes you already provide helpful content on your website. If you don’t, then first focus on creating strong educational content.

If you need help writing or feel like your website needs refreshing, pick a time here and let’s discuss how to create some lead-generating content for your company.

photo credit: Amazon boxes via photopin (license)

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