How to Leverage Your Marketing Efforts Without Adding Costs

If you actively market your company, you currently spend a fixed amount on some method to bring in leads.

Maybe you run ads … use direct mail … pay for SEO … or possibly even attend tradeshows …

Whatever the case, every time you use that method, you spend a fixed cost that has no correlation to how the process performs.

For example, a print ad in a consumer or trade publication that produces two sales costs the same as the one that brings you 250 sales.

The thing is, though …

Getting that greater number of sales is simply a matter of figuring out what part of the ad is underperforming. Once you do, you’re now leveraging money you already spend and multiplying your return many times over.

The same goes for your direct mail, tradeshows, sales outreach, telemarketing — any method you use to bring in business.

But here’s the problem:

Few business owners and entrepreneurs explore where a method might be underperforming. Even fewer continuously test elements of an ad or other areas of their marketing to increase performance.

It’s unfortunate.

You see, once you have a method that brings in business, all you have to do is change one variable and test it against another.

One headline change … one offer change … one price-point change … one re-wording of your guarantee can make a 5-, 10-, 20-times difference in sales.

I suggest you also test the people seeing your message. You may find you’re spending to get in front of people who will never buy from you.

A while back, I worked with a personal injury attorney who — for several years — used a list broker to mail to thousands of motorcycle owners. Every year he spent big bucks to buy the list and send each person a letter with some type of promotional item.

When I reviewed his list, I saw many people who owned off-road motorcycles. These riders would never hire the attorney because he only represented victims injured in road accidents.

It took just a few minutes to find and remove these names, resulting in a cost savings that nearly covered his fee to hire me — even before I wrote his new letter.

Discoveries like these (as well as using leverage and testing) is how I can guarantee at least a 10-times return on your investment in my coaching program.

I remove any risk to get one-on-one help, so you can boost sales and accelerate growth with your marketing. After all, you only pay for results.

Again, all I ask when you join is that you meet the following conditions:

•    You’re highly motivated and willing to go beyond typical branding efforts.
•    You have genuine expertise in your product or service and operate at a high level of integrity.
•    You’re willing to provide real value in your marketing and share information that truly helps people.

Want to talk over the details? Schedule a time here.

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Look, as you know, everyone in your business niche does things pretty much the same way. So to find new ideas and ways to improve processes, you must look outside your industry.

I’ll show you how.

photo credit: Leveraging Technology via photopin (license)

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