Social Media Strategies That Silence Skeptics

How many times have you watched someone conquer one of your most difficult challenges with relative ease?

I’m going through this experience right now while following Alan Rudnick’s activities on social media. Thanks to his involvement on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as frequent blogging, Alan is often featured in major media and has even secured a multi-book deal with a publisher.

And get this … he’s not a conventional social media “guru.” In fact, he doesn’t even work in what many would consider a traditional business.

He’s the pastor at the First Baptist Church of Ballston Spa in Ballston Spa, New York.

How cool is that?

I repeatedly hear business owners and entrepreneurs claim social media won’t work for them. Reasons range from the standard “My prospects are different.” to “My industry doesn’t lend well to social media.”

But Alan’s achievements prove these theories wrong.

During my 42-minute interview with Alan, you’ll discover several social media strategies that silence skeptics, as well as …

•    The best defense against falling into “social media fatigue” and how to ensure automated tools don’t cause you to lose your personal touch with followers.

•    The surprisingly simple key to finding the most beneficial people to interact with on social networking sites (and why prospects aren’t the only people needing your attention).

•    How leveraging a certain type of news event in your blog posts can help you boost readership and attract inquiries from major media.

•    The surest way to get a quick response from almost anyone you follow, including industry experts and well-known celebrities.

•    An easy approach to establishing yourself as an authority (and therefore a source media members want to interview) on global news topics.

•    Why having a large audience on social media can sabotage your success.

•    And much more.

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You can also read the transcript here:

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